Jez Tryner is an underwater cameraman and photo journalist working around Asia for the last 15 years.

An explosion of reef - © Jez Tryner
Jez Tryner - Premier liveaboard diving
Glassfish blanket - © Jez Tryner

This website is for showcasing the photographic services I offer and and also serves as an underwater video and photo stock library.
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Manta over the reef - © Jez Tryner
Shark swimming through the glassfish - © Jez Tryner
Whale shark over the reef - © Jez Tryner

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Cover shot Fins magazine
National Geographic cover shot
National geographic
FINS cover shot issue 5.6
Cover shot Asian diver
Cover Dan Alert diver
DAN Divers alert

Cv / Resume - Jez Tryner
Professional underwater camerman and travel agent.
Nationality: English
Age: 44

Photographic experience :

Numerous Cover shots, published articles and photographs in many major magazines and books including
National geographic (USA), BBC focus (UK), Asian diver (Singapore), Dive (UK), Fins (Thailand), Sportdiver (UK), Sport diving (US), Unterwasser (Germany), DAN Alert diver (US), Bangkok airways in-flight magazine (Thailand), and Scuba diver Australasia (Australia)
creating a large underwater photo stock library from around Asia.

Filming Experience :

Over 6000 dives from a period of over 15 years of being an underwater camerman including documentaries and segments for Discovery, Nat Geo, American, Japanese, Malaysian, Thai, Singaporean, Indonesian, Turkish and Philippino television creating a large underwater video stock footage library from all around Asia.

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